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How Much Space Does A Cat Need in a Cattery?

We love our cats, don’t we? We love them like they were another human member of our family and treat them as such. That is, until we go away. Even though we’d love to take the whole family, pets included, on holiday – this is often, impossible or just impractical. What are the options then for ensuring your cat is well looked after?

Always Try to Find a Sitter

Obviously, if possible, and this is true of dogs and cats alike, if you can find someone to come over and stay at your home to look after your pets, this is ideal. That way, they don’t have to be moved to a strange environment away from their home territory. It may mean you have to sweeten the deal for the relative, neighbour or friend that helps, but when it means you can go off and enjoy a nice break from it all with full confidence that your cat will be looked after, it’s worth it.

Why Cats Find Catteries Difficult

We know that this is not always a suitable option for everyone though, and that is why you may have to contemplate boarding your cat at a cattery. While dogs tend to fair better in kennels, cats can be tricky. They are very independent cats and if they are fed and watered, they can pretty much fend for themselves.

However, they are also very territorial and like things to be just how they always are. So, it’s understandable when you remove them from their home territory – their empire, that they may get stressed.

Choose a Cattery Carefully – Shop Around

Therefore, you need to be careful with the cattery you choose for your cat. One of the most important aspects you need to factor into your decision though is how much space your cat will have in their temporary home. This is something that concerns many cat owners and if like them, you are looking for a suitable answer, you’ve come to the right place.

So, how much space should a cat have in a cattery? Depending on where the cattery is, it will very much depend on the rules and regulations laid out by the local council.

Living Space and Exercise Space

Cats are normally kept in pens that are often referred to as chalets, when they are boarding in catteries. You will find that some catteries have more space than others. Always look for the place that offers the most space. As a rule of thumb though, the living space your cat will be staying in should provide your cat with roughly 0.85 sq. metres for sleeping and around 1.7 sq. metres for exercise.

These numbers are estimates and generally what are expected by most British councils for catteries in their jurisdictions. Although catteries are heavily monitored, you should still make sure that your cat will have the adequate amount of space, because if they don’t you could be coming home from that relaxing holiday to a very stressed cat.

When visiting prospective catteries, ask to look at the different sizes of pens that they offer. Some offer more luxurious living areas for boarding animals, at a premium Although it may cost a little more, it is worth considering whether your cat would benefit from having more space to him or herself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

You may feel as if you are being rude, if you ask too many questions. However, any self-respecting and reputable cattery owner expects customers to ask a lot of questions. And they shouldn’t and normally won’t be guarded or reluctant to answer them. Remember, as well as making sure that your cat will be looked after well, checking all these things beforehand will save you worry and stress when you are on your holiday and supposed to be enjoying yourself.

It’s true that catteries, as we noted at the outset, are not the most ideal solution when you are going on holiday. Cats like their home comforts and their home territory and can get very easily stressed when they are relocated, even if it’s only temporary. However, if you follow the advice above, visit several different catteries before settling on one and make sure they will provide adequate, clean, safe and well-maintained space for your cat, you need not worry too much. It won’t stop you worrying completely. We understand that, cats are like children you didn’t give birth to.

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