Welcome to Cattery Near Me

About Us

Welcome to Cattery Near Me, is independent directory of all catteries in the local area. It was established and is run by cat owners to benefit both cat owners and cattery owners alike. We charge a set range of prices for listing catteries on our site and we do this because it something we are passionate about and to offer a service that we hope other cat owners will find useful.

Why was a Cattery Directory Needed?

This is a question the team at Cattery Near Me are often asked. We came up with the idea for the site when we noticed that while there are many websites out there that provide detailed and up-to-date lists of all the boarding kennels for dogs in the local area, there weren’t any that provided the same kind of information for catteries.

Three Different Price Plans

At Cattery Near Me, we want and need all local cattery owners to join our directory to make it the best we can. There are three different price plans, ranging from Basic, which is free of charge, to Package 1 and Package 2.

A standard across all packages is that cattery owners get to list all the relevant information about their cattery including their phone number. If you would like to add your email address to your listing and links to your social media accounts you need to pay a small annual fee of £50, and to also have your cattery featured prominently it’s an annual charge of £65.

Cattery Near Me Helps Connect Cat Owners to Catteries

As you can see, although we established Cattery Near Me primarily for cat owners looking to find suitable catteries in their local area, we also wanted to help cattery owners. Most catteries are small family-run businesses, and by listing their services on Cattery Near Me, we feel we can help them out. Help to promote their business more by improving their web presence and making it quicker and easier for prospective customers and interested cat owners to find them.

The directory is designed to be a first-stop-shop for cat owners looking into the possibility of using cattery close to them. In addition to listing as many of the local catteries as possible, we also have a blog that will be filled with lots of informative and helpful posts not just about catteries, but other relevant cat-related subjects and topics.

Listing with Us

If you would like to list with us, you can do so very easily by clicking the Create a Listing box at the top right-hand corner of the page. If you would like to find a cattery near you, simply use the search bar at the top right-hand corner of any page or on the homepage using the two bars to type exactly what you are looking for, in this case ‘cattery’ and in the near box, type in the name of your town and you will find listings for all the catteries closest to you.